Monday, January 4, 2010

Survivor Sunday Tournament was a Success!

Our first Survivor Sunday tournament was a success! During the 24 hour duration, there were 203 total games played by 100 participants.

The tournament came down to 3 players: xicuc, SlyBrain and jwilber. Jwilber was shut out after winning an impressive 12 games with only 1 loss. Later in the evening, there was a showdown between xicuc and SlyBrain that drew a good crowd of observers. It was an intense game! In the end, xicuc prevailed and took the #1 spot.

The full leader board is available in ChessJam on the STATS view.

Based on the popularity of this tournament, we will continue to do Survivor Sunday tournaments every Sunday!

We're already working on a totally different tournament (and other enhancements) so stay tuned for announcements.

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