Thursday, February 4, 2010

ChessJam 2.6 - Facebook Integration!

We just released ChessJam 2.6. Here are the changes:
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused abandoned games to flag the remaining player as the loser.
  • Players can now only offer a draw when it is their turn and only once per turn.
  • Facebook support!

Facebook support?
When you finish playing a game, you now have the option to post the results along with a screenshot to your facebook wall. You choose this on a game by game basis.

To enable this, you first must go to your PROFILE and enable facebook support by clicking the facebook button. You will get this dialog:

Click the LOGIN button. You will then see a login dialog from Facebook:

NOTE: This dialog is directly from Facebook. ChessJam does not capture or store your facebook credentials. The login simply enables a session with Facebook specifically for wall posts that you designate.

At the end of game, the GAME OVER dialog now has a "SEND TO FACEBOOK" option!

Here is an example:

The screenshot is uploaded to a new album called ChessJam Photos. Here is the full-size photo:

We are already putting the final touches on version 3.0 that introduces a new tournament type as well as a few surprises and bug fixes.