Friday, April 9, 2010

New Big Dog Weekly Tournament starting tomorrow!

Everyone seems to be enjoying the Turbo Tournaments so we have decided to try something new with a bit of a twist called the Big Dog Weekly Tournament.
Here's the scoop:
  • The 60 minute room is being replaced with the new Big Dog Tournament room. (We will be expanding to 12 rooms very soon and will bring back the 60 minute room).
  • The new Big Dog room will have an in-room leader board similar to the Survivor Sunday room.
  • The new tournament runs for a week from Sunday morning at 12:00am (0400Z) to Saturday night at 11:59pm (Sunday 0359Z).
  • The tournament is point-based. Here's how it works:
    • Each time you win a game, you get a point
    • If your opponent has a higher rating than you, you get bonus points (1 bonus point for every 100 higher rating)
    • Example 1: If PlayerA (1500) defeats PlayerB (1850), PlayerA wins 4 points (1 for the win and 3 bonus points for the rating spread of 350)
    • Example 2: If PlayerA (1310) defeats PlayerB (1950), PlayerA wins 7 points (1 for the win and 6 bonus points for the rating spread of 640)
    • The loser's points remain the same. You never lose points.
  • You can play as many games as you want. Obviously we're encouraging people to play the "big dogs" on ChessJam.


  1. Greg, I have been playing in the big dog and it's great.
    I love rackin up heaps of games and competing for points :)

    I have one concern, twice now, once this evening and the other time a few days ago I have played Almatrixx10 my game has ended with time left on the clock and im talking 6 minutes plus left..? i am suspicious of foul play as i was clearly winning both is there any way he could have tampered with my clock?? please some feedback would be appreciated .

    yours in chess