Sunday, July 11, 2010

ChessJam 3.4 released!

ChessJam 3.4 is now available for download. Your existing copy will auto-update to the 3.4 version.
  • Facebook integration has been improved. You can now login to ChessJam using your Facebook credentials! After you go through the login process once, the subsequent logins will be one-click away. The Facebook login dialog is coming directly from Facebook. ChessJam does not capture nor store your Facebook credentials. You can also still login using your ChessJam credentials.
  • When you finish a game, you can share the game by either posting it on your Facebook wall, tweeting the results or you can click a button to get a link to the game that you can share with anyone.
  • When you sit at a table, you are now represented by a different chess piece that is based on your rating (it was always a pawn before). Here is how the pieces are assigned:

    • below 1600 -- Pawn
    • 1600-1799 -- Knight
    • 1800-1999 -- Bishop
    • 2000-2199 -- Rook
    • 2200-2399 -- Queen
    • 2400 or higher -- King

  • Bug fix: When a robot runs out of time, it now loses the game.
  • Various minor bug fixes and performance improvements
What's next? We're working on a web version of ChessJam that even allows you to play ChessJam inside of Facebook. The web version will have all of the same features and both web and desktop versions will continue to be updated in parallel.


  1. Great on my way to it now. You guys are doing real nice. keep it up and soon you'll be the place #1 to go for chess

  2. okkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  3. How about having a room that has no timer?

  4. Hi there, good job u've done. However, i stil have a problem with network connection. Apparently it seems that no matter how fast i log back in after disconnection i find that the game is over. What's up with that and the 120 secs allowance that caters for that??