Monday, August 30, 2010

ChessJam 3.5 Released!

We just posted ChessJam 3.5 for download. Your existing version should auto-update.
Here's what new:

  • The application is now 53% smaller resulting in faster downloads, updates and faster startup time.
  • There should be fewer disconnects throughout the application now.
  • Network traffic has been reduced throughout the application.
  • Automatic draw detection added (finally!). If both players don't have the required pieces to checkmate, a draw is automatic. If a position arises in which neither player could possibly give checkmate by a series of legal moves, the game is an automatic draw. Combinations with insufficient material to checkmate are:

    • king versus king
    • king and bishop versus king
    • king and knight versus king
    • king and bishop versus king and bishop with the bishops on the same color.

  • Turbo tournaments now auto-start more consistently.
  • The end-game dialog is now clearer with a button for "Get a link to this game".
  • Numerous other bug fixes, performance tweaks and cosmetic improvements.

We're working on a major new release - stay tuned!

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