Thursday, September 9, 2010

ChessJam 4.01 released

Earlier this week we released ChessJam 4.0. Overall, it has been a great release for us. We've seen a lot of people take advantage of the new web version and Facebook versions of the game. We also saw a huge improvement in the number of failed games where a clock went bad, etc.

We've been monitoring like a hawk and found a few other bugs that needed fixing. This release takes care of the following:

  • Clocks now stay in sync even with players with a lot of network lag
  • Premature timeouts have been fixed
  • The weird time that sometimes shows up on clocks after a game has completed has been fixed
  • We rearranged the login buttons to help new people find their way. We apologize to our regular players that have learned to click the login button with their eyes closed. We'll all have to retrain a few times! ;-)
  • Server upgrades to improve performance

We'll continue to watch things. We have a lot of enhancements planned, but we are currently trying to get to flawless play for all players.

If you see any problems, please email us at

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