Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ChessJam 4.0.3 released

ChessJam 4.0.3 is now released. Changes:
  • FIxed a problem that caused clocks to go negative in rare circumstances
  • Added a new less intrusive notification of tournaments, etc. New notifications will replace the popups starting tomorrow (Wednesday)
  • Games can now be posted to Facebook from web version of ChessJam
  • Multiple bug fixes

If you are running the desktop version of ChessJam, you will receive an upgrade notification next time you run it. If you run the web or Facebook version, you are already set.

Report any bugs to support@chessjam.com


  1. I just had a game where my opponent clock ran out but he was credited with the win, and stats said it was my clock that ran out

  2. there are lots of bugs still in the versions like it always disconnects from network and no refresh option reconnect so it hangs always

  3. when you sit and wait for opponent , when your opponent come to table , it is not clear that what is his rating

  4. My rating is dropping and I'm not the loser of this GAME! But the stats said I lost!