Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ChessJam 2.0 Beta is available!

We just posted ChessJam 2.0 beta.  Here's what's new:
  • Challenge court - allows you to see who is in the tower and challenge them to a game.
  • Challenge court chat - chat with everyone in the challenge court.
  • Buddy list - track which buddies are online (viewable in court yard).
  • Improved CPU utilization - we made some changes to cut CPU utilization to 50% of prior versions.
  • A few graphics enhancements.  Check out the new castle screen!

We've decided to leave this in a "beta" state until we get some real-world testing.  We'll be monitoring things closely for the next few days and will launch the official 2.0 soon.

To update, simply run your existing version of ChessJam.  You will be prompted to update.  

Please report any bugs to chessjam at gmail

What's next?
  • Multiple games at once
  • PGN download
  • Replay previous games and manage game history
  • Improved ratings and introduction of rated / non-rated game choice
  • More towers, rooms, etc.


  1. That was great game !

  2. That's great!!! Excelent Game