Saturday, November 21, 2009

ChessJam 2.1 is available! Now with multi-game support.

We just release ChessJam 2.1.  Here are the highlights:
  • Multi-game support - play up to 6 games at once!   Be sure to check out the new heads-up display (screenshot below)
  • Multiple UI enhancements including the ability to enter the challenge court from within the castle
  • Multiple bug fixes including issues with the clock on fast-paced games
  • Improved game play with slow / latent network connections
  • Improved rating system
  • New 60 minute casual game room opened
  • Leaderboard, tournaments and more coming very soon!


    1. How do you get this version and how do you know which version you currently have?

    2. Your current app should auto-update.

    3. I got a 404:
      "... /downloads/ChessJam.air was not found on this server."