Sunday, February 28, 2010

Introducing Crazy Games on ChessJam!

Today we opened a new room on ChessJam called Crazy Games and as the name implies, this room has some crazy online chess variations. You'll find 14 tables, each with a unique starting position. Each table has a name that gives a hint as to what you can expect.

Crazy Tables:
  • Queens
  • 5+5
  • Triple Knights
  • Pawnless
  • 15 Pointer
  • Mirror Mirror
  • Mind the Gap
  • Double Double
  • Totem Pole
We've also included five tables with positions from the middle of some famous historical games. Each link below takes you to a page where you can see the entire game.
Games in this room do not impact your rating or stats so there is no risk in going crazy! Below are some screen shots to entice you to come play.

The Crazy Games Room:

Mind the Gap:

Triple Knights:

Fischer vs. Spassky 1972:

We plan to mix things up in this room often. If you have a crazy idea for a fun starting position, send us the FEN and proposed name either in the ChessJam forums or via email. There are a lot of online FEN editors. Our favorite one is at

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