Sunday, February 28, 2010

Introducing Turbo Tournaments (Beta) - Live Online Chess Tournaments

Today we launched Turbo Tournaments, a fully automatic 8-bracket bracket live tournament. Here's how it works:

The room is a traditional 8-player bracket:

You enter a tournament by sitting down at any round 1 table. Once someone joins you at the table, the game will start. The winners of the round 1 games are automatically seated at the round 2 table. The winners of the two round 2 games advance to the final round where an overall tournament winner is crowned!

Once a tournament is in progress, the room highlights the completed games as shown in this sample screen shot:


  • You can only sit at a round 1 table. The system will auto-seat the round one winners at round 2 tables.
  • IMPORTANT: Once the system seats you at a round 2 or round 3 table, do NOT unseat yourself. If you do, you forfeit the game and your opponent advances.
  • If a draw is declared, the person with the most remaining time on the clock advances to the next round.
  • Anyone can observe any game in the tournament.
  • All tournament games are rated like any other game.
  • Once a tournament ends, the tables are cleared and a new one starts.
  • The winner of each tournament is recorded and will be displayed on the Turbo Tournament leader board.
  • Coming soon: Turbo Tournament wins will be included in your user stats.
We have labeled this as "beta" for the next few days. Although we have done a lot of testing, there may be scenarios that we have not thought of. If you run into any issues or have suggestions on how to improve Turbo Tournaments, please drop us a note on the ChessJam forums or email us.


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  1. when is the next turbo tournament starting?